SHAKA Jetboards was founded by a water sports enthusiast who is always looking for the next big adventure. After months of research and board trials I finally settled on the AWAKE brand. As soon as I got my board I was riding it daily in the New England winter to improve my skills. I found the AWAKE boards exhilarating and incredibly well engineered to the point that I became so passionate about the product that I become a retailer.

SHAKA Jetboards offers delivery and can assist with getting your new board setup and ready to ride.

Catching a bit of air on my favorite board, the Ravik Sjump-side-3.jpg


Below are some of the features that set AWAKE apart.

Thumb throttle wireless controller - the thumb control allows for more precise and constant speed control when in rough conditions compared to other trigger type of controls. The controller is charged by induction wireless charging and features battery meters and power output readings. It can be paired with any battery by scanning a QR code in the AWAKE Link app. The boards feature three power modes - Eco, Sport, & Extreme which can be set on the controller or in the app.