Ravik Jetboards

AWAKE Ravik Electric Jetboards are a lot like wakeboards, with the benefit that they can be enjoyed solo without a boat. Details and comparison below:

The Ravik 3 (below) is a well balanced board, perfect for beginners, flat water, and more leisurely cruising.awake-r-vik-3-summer-4.jpg

The Ravik S (below) is the world's most extreme jetboard, perfect for carving, jumping waves, and pushing the limits. awake-r-vik-s-summer-7.jpg


  Ravik 3 vs Ravik S - Side by Side Comparison

Ravik S with bindings attached (left), Ravik 3 (right)both-dock-top-angle-1.jpg

The Ravik S (left) features a W shaped hull built for carving and functions more like a deep V hull on a boat. The Ravik 3 (right) is wider and makes for a more stable ride. dsc-8678.jpg 

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