Vinga E-Foils

AWAKE Vinga Electric E-foils are hydrofoil boards that lift out of the water and make you feel like you are floating through the air. Details and comparison below:

The Vinga 3 (below) is a well balanced board, perfect for beginners, can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, and can be ridden on or above the water.-web-2500px-awake-vinga-3-1.jpg

The Vinga S (below) is the world's most extreme e-foil, perfect for nimble movements, jumping out of the water, and pushing the limits. -web-awake-vinga-9.jpg


  Vinga 3 vs Vinga S - Side by Side Comparison

Pictured without their masts attached, the Vinga 3 (left) has a much larger footprint which enables it to float at very low speed, Vinga S (right).img-4781.jpg

Vinga S with Fluid 1300 Wing Set (front), Vinga 3 with Powder 1800 Wing Set (rear) img-4797.jpg

Vinga carrying case for mast and accessories.img-4778.jpg

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